AMILEN MLX are high barrier EVOH based lidding and thermformfing films predominantly used for modified atmoshphere packaging (MAP) in the meat, ready meal,cheese and  fresh bread industries. The materials perform on rollstock / thermoforming machines.


  • Technology: 11 Layer Co-Extrusion film


  • High puncture resistance
  • Gloss and transparency
  • Elevated barrier properties
  • Good selaing properties (also available with peel)
  • Enhanced thermoforming properties


  • Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging – extended shelf life
  • Suitable for packing: MAP fresh bread, fresh meat, ready meals and cheese.


AMILEN MLX multilayer films are availble in all common widths.

Film thicknesses:

AMILEN MLX: 50; 70; 80; 90; 110; 130; 140; 150; 160; 180; 200 und 230 µ

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