AMILEN ML PLUS are forming films with elevated puncture resistance properties especially for products such as bone in meats and crustacians, increasing the overall pack performance by decreasing “leaker rates” substantially.  The materials perform on all rollstock / thermoforming machines.


  • Technology: 11 Layer Co-Extrusion Film


  • Extreme high puncture resistance (sharp edged products)
  • Gloss and transparency
  • Very good sealing properties (also available with peel)
  • Enhanced thermoforming properties


  • Vacuum packing
  • Suitable for packing “sharp edged products” such as bone in meats and crustacians


AMILEN ML PLUS multilayer films are available in all common widths.

Film thicknesses:

AMILEN ML PLUS: 200; 230; 250; 280; 300 and 320 µ

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