VF Verpackungen GmbH is affected by high energy- and environmental consciousness, indicated by the certification of DIN EN 16001 in 2011 and the successful modification to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001 in 2012.
Already before the certification in 2003 the issue energy has reached great importance. Yet at the new company building in Sulzberg it was taken notice not only to the state of technology, but also to reach the energy efficiency.

Our target is:
  • Detection of energy potential
  • An increasing of energy sufficiency by selective
  • Creating of energy performance indicators (EnPI) and
    out of this deducing potential for optimizing
  • Continuous control of target- and current state

All employees are involved in the practice and implementing of the energy management system, because only then the claimed targets can be reached and the continuous improvement of the system is guaranteed.